Friday app roundup: sports news and old time-y photographs

The weekend is here and Happy Chinese New Years, this Saturday for those that are celebrating it. Without further ado, we’re here to bring you our top four app picks for the week.

This week’s app picks include: an excellent sports tracking app that’s jam packed with the information you need for your hockey pool picks and more; a simple, amped-up racing app designed for those with twitch-y, fast fingers; an app to high schoolers learn how to solve their algebra homework and more; and an app to add really old-fashioned tin-type effects to your photos.

App: Bleacher ReportBleacher Report universal app

OS: iOS, Android

What is it? Like many sports news apps this is about getting up-to-date information for the leagues and clubs you care about including live streams. It draws from Twitter, Instagram and a wealth of other blogs. It not only allows you to choose the teams you’re interested in following and brings you up to scoring info and it also blends that information with the biggest sports stories around the web, curated by real, live sports fanatics. It even includes sports that are harder to follow on some other sporting apps like cricket and rugby. So, if you need to keep an eye on your hockey pool picks, this is perfect.

Best review quote: In the settings, you can pick your favorite team and have the news show stuff from that team more often. It sources news from local sources, Twitter, Instagram, and other blogs. There are also things like rankings, predictions, and other stats to check out. There is a lot of info in this one and it’s one of the more comprehensive sports news apps. – Android Authority

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App: Barrier XBarrier X universal app

OS: iOS, Android

What is it? If you have twitch-y fingers and are into arcade games this is the fast-paced game for you. It’s especially excellent on a new iPhone 7. Basically, you’re piloting an unseen speeding space ship down a barren strip of road, but be careful, walls are liable to spring up at any time. You need to stay out of the red part of the screen and beware, the app increases your speed every 15 seconds. So put your proverbial pedal to the metal and see how fast you can fly.

Best review quote: Tap left or right on the screen to change the lane that you’re in, and make sure you aren’t in the red. The red line tells you when there is a wall coming up, so it’s important to avoid staying in that path. The game speeds up ever 15 seconds though, so eventually it will just become too fast and you’ll inevitably crash and burn. Try your best to avoid all of those pesky walls and obstacles though, because hey, we all want that high score, don’t we? – AppAdvice

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App: SocraticSocratic iOS app


What is it? This is another one of those apps designed to show kids how to solve the questions on their homework assignments. Its target age level is high school, it uses various online sources like Khan Academy and Crash Course to find material. Keep in mind that the area that it truly excels at are algebraic equations, just take a picture and it not only shows you the answer, but also the steps needed to reach that particular answer.Sometimes it even offers additional research on particular concepts. It tends to use a fair amount of online searching to solve more word-based math, scientific and history-type questions, so you might be better off just searching for those answers yourself.

Best review quote: But for algebra this thing is sick. I pointed it at 2x + 2 = 7x – 5, which I wrote down at random, and it gave me a 10 step process that results in x = 7/5. It has trouble with word problems, but if you can write down a word problem in math notation it shouldn’t be an issue. – Verge

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App: TinType by HipstamaticTinType by Histamatic iOS app


What is it? Yet another retro-photo editing app as is evident from the name. That’s right grab your widest framed spectacles and an ironed cardigan and you can share selfies like it’s still the 1870s. It gives you three options to achieve that roughened tin-type effect, that used to be found in those traveling photo studios that accompanied carnivals.

Best review quote:  With TinType, you can give your photos a old-time feel with three authentic tintype camera effects. With its latest update, TinType offers a brand new interface, a new pull down gesture to get back to your camera, and more. – iMore

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad.

Sources: Android AuthorityAppAdviceVergeiMore

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How to backup your WhatsApp chats using iCloud

If you have an iPhone and you use WhatsApp, you need to backup your account data periodically, because WhatsApp uses iCloud to backup your chats. The reason to do so is simple, you want to make sure your data is secure in case you lose your iPhone or if you plan to upgrade your iPhone.WhatsApp universal mobile messaging app

The first step is to make sure you iCloud turned on in the first place. So open up your Settings app and then swipe up to scroll down until you see iCloud. Then tap the iCloud button followed by the iCloud Drive button. Then if your iCloud is off, be sure to go ahead and tap to turn it on. Next scroll down until you see WhatsApp in the list of connected apps. Keep in mind that apps are sorted alphabetically, so expect to see WhatsApp near the bottom of the list.

Now you’re ready to backup your WhatsApp data. You have two options, you can choose to automatically backup your WhatsApp data or you can manually back it up when you choose to. The first part of both options is essentially the same.

Open up WhatsApp from your home screen. Then tap on Settings, by tapping the gear icon in the bottom right corner. Then tap the Chats button. Tap on Chat backup and then tap Back Up Now which will upload your current chat data to your iCloud account.

If you wanted to set up WhatsApp to automatically backup this data without your input, on the same screen tap Auto Backup. Then choose from the preset options either Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Then tap Chat Backup to go back to the last settings menu. Then you can choose to Include video in your automatic backup or not by toggling the switch beside it.

That’s it. Once you’ve done that you can restore your WhatsApp chats on any iOS device you reinstall the app on. Or you can get them back, once you move to a new phone.

Source: iMore

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An easy way to access your iPhone camera from your lockscreen

If you have a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus or you’ve upgraded to iOS 10 you are no doubt aware that the layout of your lockscreen has dramatically changed. It’s perfectly understandable that you may have to change some older habits, to grow accustomed to your iPhone.iOS 10

If you’re used to pressing the Home button to show your iPhone’s lockscreen and then swiping across to where you’d expect the camera to be on your lockscreen, you may have inadvertently skipped the lockscreen entirely and unlocked your iPhone instead.

If that’s the case, then the easiest way to keep access to your camera on your locked iPhone is to stop using the home button (the one at the bottom of the screen) to access your camera.

Instead press the power button on the right side of your iPhone to show your lockscreen. Remember, pressing the home button will only prompt you to unlock your iPhone.

Once you see your lockscreen, swipe right to left across your iPhone’s screen to access the camera. The camera app should pop up immediately, and you’ll be ready to take pictures without unlocking your iPhone.

If you need to declutter your lockscreen, you might be better served by disabling widgets or disabling press Home to unlock.

Sources: OS X Daily

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How to export saved passwords from your Chrome browser

Nobody likes remembering passwords for different online services, but saving them using your browser’s built-in tools is not very secure. For security’s sake, password managers are much more capable of protecting and managing your passwords. Yes, even the biggest players in the browser game like Chrome still aren’t that it safe? computer

Why aren’t your passwords secure when they’re saved in your browser? Well, it has to do with the way your passwords are saved locally on your computer. This means that anyone who has access to your computer can just click “Show passwords” in your browser and see your passwords in plaintext. If it is encrypting your passwords, the encryption hinges on your computer’s login password, which means unencrypting your passwords is relatively simple for someone with the right third party malware.

But before you decide to stop saving your passwords in Chrome, you’ll want to export the password’s you’ve saved and forgotten about, so you can add them to your new password manager. Some password managers have built-in tools for importing passwords saved in Chrome, but you might find this method more straightforward.

On your computer, in your Chrome browser, type “chrome://flags” into the URL bar at the top of the page. Then search for “password import and export.” Be sure the switch next to “password import and export” is enabled and then close Chrome.

When you relaunch Chrome, you can either type “chrome://settings/passwords” into the URL bar or dive into the menu by heading to Settings and then Advanced settings, followed by Manage passwords. In either case just press the Export button and your browser will download a CSV file with your saved passwords.

This CSV file is easy to open in a spreadsheet, so you can choose to edit which passwords you import to your new password manager. If you are editing your CSV file in a spreadsheet, you’ll want to make sure you save it as CSV file, to ensure that it’s still compatible with your new password manager.

Sources: Lifehacker, Lifehacker

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