How to quicly locate screenshots on your Mac

Taking a screenshot on a Mac is simple enough, just press Shift, Command, 3 or Shift, Command, 4 if you only want to screenshot a portion of the screen. Once you have a bunch of screenshots you want to be able to find them, quickly and easily.

You can use Finder to search for your screenshots. So open up Finder on your Mac. Then click the Finder Search bar and then type: kMDItemIsScreenCapure:1 and hit Return. Now you should see all your screenshots appear.

Now, this actually isn’t the only way to find screenshots on your Mac. You can also use Spotlight to search for them. So press Command and Spacebar simultaneously to bring up Spotlight. Then type: kMDItemIsScreenCapture:1 in the search bar.

If you need to see additional search results click “Show All In Finder.”

Additionally, you can search for screenshots using their file name by typing ExampleName kMDItemIsScreenCapture:1


You can also use the “kind: jpeg” or “kind: png” if you want to further narrow down the file format, which can be helpful if you converted files yourself or if you changed the screenshot image file format on the Mac at some point.

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Friday app roundup: fitness and cocktails


This week’s app roundup include very thing you need to entertain yourself this weekend from sick tunes to tasty cocktails. This wek’s app roundup includes: he perfect app to help you manage your music in the cloud; a translation app;  a fitness app; and an app to help you mix the perfect cocktail.

App: Jukebox


What is it? First of all to use this app you have to have Dropbox installed and you have to store some of your music on it. Storing larger files like music on the cloud is one of the great things about using a cloud service in the first place, it’s not taking up valuable storage on your phone. The neat thing about this app over music streaming services for instance is that it offers offline services. It downloads your music from Dropbox into its custom player and in doing so saves you data charges you might incur with music streaming.

Best review quote: Developer James Zhang said: “We’re actually working on adding a private sharing feature so that you can share a song with a friend through a text link and they can stream to preview the song or download it straight to their own Jukebox.” – The Next Web

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad.

App: Microsoft Translator

OS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

What features does it offer? This app also works with your Android Wear smartwatch if you have one. It is also very easy to use, you just speak normally and the app does the heavy lifting by translating your voice into text in the language of your choice. It can also help you if you want to say something in another language by offering pronunciation for you. You also get a full history of translated conversations and you can save translations for quick access later.

Get it now: for your Android, for your iPhone/iPad or for your Windows Phone

App: Sworkit

OS: iOS, Android

What is it? Nothing is a longer struggle than staying in shape, it’s a constant battle. What’s worse is that your app stores are absolutely awash in potentially helpful fitness apps. This app is hands down, one of the most versatile ones around. You choose the length of your workout, 5 to 60 minutes, the type of workout (strength, cardio, yoga or stretching) and then the app will give you a video of a trainer detailing your workout. It’s simple to use and it can be customized to suit your needs. It has everything you want in a fitness app.

Best review quote: Sworkit has the added benefit of having some research to back it up. In a survey of 30 popular fitness apps, researchers at the University of Florida ranked it the best when looking at its aerobic, resistance, and flexibility components. – Business Insider

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad or for your Android.

App: Cocktails Made Easy

OS: iOS, Android

What is it? Whether you’re entertaining friends or just mixing drinks at home this app has you covered. Every cocktail recipe you could possibly want is right there at your fingertips with easy to follow instructions. Furthermore, all of its cocktail recipes just use 14 of the same ingredients. You don’t have to search the grocery store for hard to find items like lychee juice or anything.

Best review quote: OK, if we’re being completely honest, we don’t know how to make every single cocktail ever.

But with Cocktails Made Easy, we don’t need to know — the app has virtually every recipe known to man, with step-by-step instructions. – Business Insider

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad or for your Android.

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How to ensure switching email addresses is as painless as possible

The most important part of changing your email address is ensuring you still receive all your emails in spite of the change.

With that in mind, we’re going to offer some tips to ensure you still receive all your email.

You’ll probably want to keep your old email address for a few months during the transition to give your contacts time to adjust to using the new address.

While your old email is up and running you should try to forward it to your new address. Also be sure to set up auto-responses on your old account that remind senders of your new address.

You should send at least one massive email to all your contacts notifying them of your new email address. When composing such a massive missive, it’s important to make sure your contacts are all in the BCC field. That will ensure that recipients can’t accidentally reply all. Instead each contact is unaware that there are other recipients of the message at all.

When it comes to porting your old contacts over to your new email account, you’ll want to save your old contacts as a VCard. That’s way you can just import your contacts directly from the VCard file, easy as pie.

Hope this helps making switching email addresses easier.

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How to prevent news notifications from showing on your iPhone lockscreen

Some notifications are worthwhile, but sometimes there’a notifications you can do without. In fact, you may receive various news notifications even for you’ve never signed up to receive any headlines or news alerts.

It seems easy to pevent the News app from pushing these alerts to your iPhone and preventing them from appearing on your lockscreeen.

To do so open up your Settings app and then g to Notifications. Then find and tap on the News section. From there you can adjust your settings depending on her her you want to hide news alerts from the lockscreeen or if you ant to hide news entirely. To keep news from the lockscreeen only make sure the toggle nest to Show on Lock Screen is off. Or to hide all News notifications and alerts from everywhere in iOS, toggle the switch next to Allow Notifications to the OFF position. Then, exit out of Settings app as usual

With the News notifications now turned off (either for the cover sheet / lock screen, or entirely disabled so the News app won’t alert you whatsoever) you are now free to lock your iPhone or iPad, then pick it up again, and not have the display scattered with headlines.

As long as the Notifications are disabled for News app, these type of notifications and headlines will no longer show up on your devices screen:

Going further, if you’re not thrilled with these sort of headlines and “News” material dotting various places throughout iOS, you might also want to remove News headlines from Spotlight search in iOS too so that the “News” headlines will no longer appear in your iOS Spotlight search results as well.

As usual, you can always reverse these changes simply by going back to the appropriate Settings and toggling the switches again. So if you decide to hide the “News” headlines but later determine you really miss seeing those latest headlines on the iOS screen, you will be relieved to know those alerts are just a few settings taps away again.

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