How mix Google Hangouts with iMessages on your Mac

It may seem unlikely, but it in fact possible to croissants the streams, cross the platforms, as it were. Apple and Google can actually make nice. You really can mix iMessafes and Google Hangouts, so you don’t miss messages.Google Hangouts in iMessage on Mac

First things first, you need to open your Messages app on your Mac. Then you need to open up the menu and choose Add Account. Then select Google from the options given. Sign in with your Gmail address and then choose Google Hangouts to the Messages app on your Mac.

It really is as simple as that. You’ll now be able message your Google Hangouts contacts right in your Mac Messages app.

Do keep in mind that for safety’s sake, you shouldn’t skip setting up two-factor authentication. This means that you’ll need generate an app password for setting up with Messages on the Mac.

This isn’t even the only alternative messaging app that you can add to Messages on Mac. You can add SMS texting, AOL, AIM, Jabber-based chat protocols, as well as, other messaging options. Back in the day Facebook Messenger and your good ole  pal, Yahoo were supported as well.

Sources: OSXDaily

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How to listen to audiobooks using Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is Amazon’s effort to add a friendly robot voice to the soothing actions of online shopping and listening to music with help of an Internet-connected, wireless smart speaker. So in order for you to try having Alexa play your stories for you, you to first have set up an Amazon Echo smart speaker.Amazon Echo

Honestly, thank goodness your new robo-speaker pal can play audiobooks, because let’s face it, there’s only so much music in the world. So why not make your new pal Alexa read you bedtime stories.

So here’s how to do it, open up your Alexa app on your smartphone. Then tap the overflow icon in the top left corner of the screen. Then tap the section marked, Music, Video & Books. Next tap Audible (providing of course you have an Audible account for your books on what is definitely not a tape anymore.

The final step after that, just tap the audiobook you want to listen to. It really is that simple.

Afterall, your new bosom buddy, Alexa, just wants you to help you find the peaceful quiet life where robo voices are yours to command. Their genius programming van be harnessed for tasks as mundane as reading to you as if you were still a five year old. There’s barely even a set of steps to set this up.

And really, isn’t this kind of tranquil simplicity the kind of goal more developers should strive for?

Sources: AndroidCentral


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How to set up Emergency SOS on your iPhone

First off, although Emergency SOS is a cool new feature, it is bundled up with iOS 11, which is currently in beta. If you’re not a developer, it doesn’the really make sense for you to try out betas, they can have bugs that can adversely effect your iPhone. Rolling back iOS updates also requires some skill.Emergency SOS

So basically, Emergency SOS, is a quick way to notify your emergency contacts on your iPhone running iOS 11. It works in a similar fashion to Emergency on SOS on Apple Watch. You trigger this feature using a dedicated shortcut on your iPhone.

Fingers crossed, that you’received never in a position to need this feature for real, but it is a good idea to set it up, just in case. So here’s how you can set it up.

Emergency SOS adds a shortcut to your iPhone that directly connects you to the appropriate emergency number in your area. Then once it’s set up, it can be activated quickly by pressing the Sleep/Wake button five times.

You’ll also be able to set up the emergency contacts you have listed in your Health app from your iPhone’s lockscreen.

How to turn on Emergency SOS on your iPhone

So in order for the shortcut to work when you need it, you need to make sure the feature was turned on. So go ahead and open up your Settings and then tap Emergency SOS in the menu. Then toggle the Auto Call switch on. And toggle the Countdown Sound on or off based on a three-second warning sound that you are very close to calling emergency services.

The countdown noise can either be a good or bad thing depending on the emergency situation you’re in. It let’s you know if you’very accidentally called emergency services, so you can cancel the call. Conversely, it might make criminals aware of your location, if you’re hiding.

So it’s up to you to decide if it’s more important to know if you’ve accidentally called emergency services or if you want to be able to be more stealthy when you need to.

How to use Emergency SOS on your iPhone

To contact emergency services, as mentioned above, press the Sleep/Wake button five times. Keep in mind, you can cancel the call at any time by pressing the big X button at the bottom of the screen. Also, you only have a maximum of three seconds to hang up.

When you set up Emergency SOS, it also notifies everyone in your emergency contacts, providing you set some up in your Health app.

When you use Emergency SOS, it also notifies everyone in your emergency contacts (the ones you set up in the Health App).

Sources: iMore


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How to enable famly sharing on YouTube

Family-friendly videos are currently among the fastest growing content genes on YouTube right now. Kids are more susceptible to autoplaying video-induced binge-watching. This makes them a goldmine audience for YouTube’s ads. This is probably a dring force behind their content boom.YouTube family sharing

First off, it should be noted that family sharing is designed on work with YouTube’s TV subscripion, not to be confused with the YouTube Red subscription service. Basically, YouTube Red is a nominal monthly fee to support original video content from YouTube’s sponsored bloggers like Pew Die Pie.

YouTube TV on he other hand is for cablecutters. A $35 subscripion fee also you access to 45 TV channels that does include some live sports channels, as well as bilingual content from Telemundo. It does not however, include local channels or public access channels like PBS. But PBS does already have free online streaming, not to worry.

In any case, to set up family sharing, open up your web browser and visit Then, under Settings head to Set up and look for family sharing. On your family sharing page you’ll be able to add people to family sharing from your contacts.

When a family member succeeds in opening your invitations, they’ll be prompted to log into their YouTube account. Afterward access to YouTube is through visiting the, website.

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