Special Thursday app roundup: dinner dates and s’working it

Happy Easter to those of you that will be celebrating it this weekend. If you can, I hope you are enjoying your extra days off, if you have to work, I hope your customers are reasonable people. So given that today is an honourary Friday, we’re bringing you the app roundup a day early. This week’s app roundup includes: an app that will whip you into shape for summer; an app that will keep you entertained on your flight to wherever; an app that solves the problem with dating apps (yes, another one); and a powerhouse music video app (that I should have mentioned before.)

App: SworkitSworkit universal app

OS: iOS, Android

What is it? Nothing is a longer struggle than staying in shape, it’s a constant battle. What’s worse is that your app stores are absolutely awash in potentially helpful fitness apps. This app is hands down, one of the most versatile ones around. You choose the length of your workout, 5 to 60 minutes, the type of workout (strength, cardio, yoga or stretching) and then the app will give you a video of a trainer detailing your workout. It’s simple to use and it can be customized to suit your needs. It has everything you want in a fitness app.

Best review quote: Sworkit has the added benefit of having some research to back it up. In a survey of 30 popular fitness apps, researchers at the University of Florida ranked it the best when looking at its aerobic, resistance, and flexibility components. – Business Insider

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad or for your Android.

App: Flyover CountryFlyover Country iOS app

OS: iOS, Android

What is it? This app is amazing and it’s brought to you by the National Science Foundation. It works for more than just flights, but hikes, road trips and any other travel needs. It uses GPS to show you interactive geological maps of where you’re traveling as well as nearby fossil sites, Wikipedia articles about the area and offline base maps. If you are flying or driving it also tells you where you are, your speed and altitude. Best of all, you don’t need in-flight WiFi to use it!

Best review quote: The aim of Flyover Country is to educate people, not just scientists, about the world around them, so it’s a fascinating tool to have on your phone and to be able to dip in and out of. – The Next Web

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad or for your Android.

App: DineDine iOS app


What is it? It seems like every couple months, some startup says they have a solution for all our terrible dating app experiences. This is another one from Tokyo this time, but it sounds like an excellent idea. This app is designed to help you skip the endless chatting and instead get you right to the first date. This is exactly what needs to happen, you don’t want to feel disappointed because you wasted a couple weeks chatting with someone before figuring out that you’re not a match after all. It also autosorts your profile pictures based on which ones are proving to be most popular.

Best review quote: After filling out a profile, you pick three restaurants or bars (there’s Yelp integration) where you’d want to go on a date. Dine then shows you two to five people a day, and which places they chose, and you can request to go on a date there.

Once you send someone a date request, and they accept, a chat box opens so you can get some sense of whether you have any chemistry. But the act of having the restaurant or bar right there at the start makes it feel much less nebulous than chatting on Tinder. – Business Insider

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad.

App: VevoVevo universal app

OS: iOS, Android

What is it? You know who Vevo is even if you don’t have the app. They sponsor, I’d estimate roughly 30% of the music videos on YouTube. When you see their logo, you’ll realize you’ve seen them many times before. Why get their app, instead of sticking with YouTube? Well, it now uses Twitter, Spotify, machine learning and YouTube itself to deal you recommendations just for you. When recommended videos are done wrong (looking at you Spotify) it can really sour your opinion of that app. Also, when you can’t afford concert tickets (you do get access to live performances of your favourite artists) or you just prefer a multimedia music experience, this is definitely the app you need.

Best review quote: Vevo first asks you to select your favorite music genres. That allows it to then present artists from within that genre (or genres), instead of just presenting some of music’s more popular names. Plus, as you move through your artist selections, Vevo will take into account each choice you make then adjust the next set of recommendations in real-time, the company also says. – Tech Crunch

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad or for your Android.

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  1. Amy Myrbo April 8, 2016 at 2:26 am #

    Flyover Country is available for Android! It’s a hybrid app and so is developed in parallel for both platforms. (And because of App Store fussiness, Android users get updates sooner!) 😀 Thanks for the review!

    • Kylie Rempel April 8, 2016 at 9:24 pm #

      Thanks for the info! I’ve updated the post to include a link to the Android app.

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