An odd, but tested way to get more space on your iPhone

With iPhone SE set to be released on March 31st, it’s time once again to talk about storage space on your iPhone. iPhone SE is aimed at the same people who bought an iPhone 5s, Android switchers and anyone who doesn’t want to shell out $400 on a two-year contract for the 16GB iPhone 6s. Naturally, as such iPhone SE will start at 16GB of storage space and offer savings when compared to the larger iPhone models.iPhone SE colours

On the plus side, it seems like Apple has definitely not skimped on other iPhone SE features, inside its tinier design lies innards that are about on par with iPhone 6s and they share many of the same features. It does not have the larger screen or bigger battery of iPhone 6s, but in terms of performance, they are comparable and that’s excellent.

That said, for a smaller screen most people will choose the lowest storage space option 16GB. There will be a 64GB option available, but we’ll see if that sells as well as an iPhone 6s 64GB, which also brings a larger screen and battery to the table.

But fret not, if you are going to be at the lower end of the storage tier, there’s an odd way that’s been proven to regain storage space on a full iPhone, whether it has 128GB of storage or 16GB. Now keep in mind that this won’t free up exponential amounts of space, just a couple of GB at best, but every little trick helps.

It’s pretty simple, try to rent a longer movie using iTunes something in the Lord of the Rings or Ten Commandments category of movie length. iTunes will naturally tell you that you don’t have enough storage space to complete this action. Instead of saying okay to that pop up message, click its Settings button.

As if from the wand of a Middle Earth wizard, your iPhone will suddenly have a bit more space. Try it a few more times and you’ll get a little more storage each time. How does it work? Well, in performing this action, Apple is probably getting rid of some unneeded app data to free up space.

So if you’re ever in a tight spot storage-wise on your iPhone and you have no desire to start sorting through photos or deleting apps, you can use this trick as a temporary fix.

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