How to add a custom ringtone for each contact on your Android

Pre-installed ringtones are so boring. You deserve better. So today we’re going to teach you how to add custom ringtones to your Android smartphone. So if you have a particular tune in mind, here’s how to set it up as your ringtone.

First open up your Settings and then head to App Permissions and then Storage. Then toggle on the switch next to Contacts. This will allow you to add a ringtone that’s outside the normal pre-set list. You can either save the audio track as an audio file which can be done using a third party app or by inserting a file into your Google Drive and then saving it to your device storage.Set up a ringtone for a specific contact

So keep in mind that this technique is designed to take the customization even further by setting specific ringtones for specific contacts. So open up the contact you want to add a custom ringtone for, then tap the menu button (three vertical dots). Then tap Set ringtone and you’ll have a few options for adding a specific ringtone. You can either grab the track from your phone’s storage or use a third party app like Ringtone Maker to set it up.

Remember if you’re adding a ringtone you’ve saved in a cloud storage service, you’ll need to take the extra step of downloading that track and saving it to your phone. Go ahead and repeat the process above with each individual contact.

That’s all there is to it. Now you’ll automatically know who’s calling you based on the specific ringtone you’ve set for them. For instance, I have one friend, who’s girlfriend’s ringtone is a T-Rex roar, so that he can’t possibly not hear, when she’s calling. It’s rather romantic when you think about it.

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