Use these tricks to get more out Slack

Slack is an excellent tool for both work communication and totally ignoring the work you’re supposed to be doing. So you should know these tips to allow yourself to do more with it.slack chat app logo

For instance, did you know that you can customize your emojis on Slack? You can and here’s how open up the main Slack menu on the web and choosing Customize (please note: the options you see here will vary depending on how your team’s account has been set up). You can add customized loading messages from here too.

From that point you just need to add a picture of the emoji you want to add and a shortcut name for it. Keep in mind that any emoji you add will be available to all your team members.

Next up, you need to know how to take advantage of Slack’s inherent searchablity.  To improve your searches, you can use operators to narrow down your searches in Slack (very helpful for those busier channels). For example, type has:star inside the search box to look for all starred messages or try from:username to look for messages from a certain person.

If you need to see all the search operators at your disposal, just type + into the search box, then you can see all the specifications you can add to your search like specific dates and messages with links in them.

Also, if your team’s Slack channel is any good, you probably get too many notifications from the app. Notifications are essentially useless, if your phone is busy buzzing with a new notifications every couple of minutes. So you probably need the ability to ignore Slack notifcations at least some of the time.

When Slack’s Do Not Disturb mode is activated, you won’t get any sounds or notifications on any of your devices, and your co-workers will see a little sleeping symbol at the side of your name.

So click the bell icon (top left) to choose a time duration, or click on Do Not Disturb schedule and you can have it turn on automatically—very useful if you’re in a different time zone to everyone else. You can also activate Do Not Disturb by typing /dnd followed by a time period into the Slack chat field.

You should also know you can set up reminders within the Slack app. Head into your direct message conversation with Slackbot, type /remind into the chat field and then leave some reminder text and a time. You’ll see a confirmation message on screen.

You can also leave reminders for other people and specific channels (just type /remind on its own to see various ways in which you can leave messages). If you want to see all of the reminders that are currently active, type /remind list into the chat field (you can delete them from here too).

Hope this helps you improve your Slack experience.

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