How to get Siri and Google Maps to play nice

When it comes to the major smartphone camps, Apple and Android, while there are some rabid fanbases on bothGoogle Maps Android and Apple sides, many consumers just wish products from the two behemoths would play nice with each other. For instance, there used to be a way to get Siri in older versions of iOS to play nice with Google Maps. Sadly, that trick is no more, but there is a new workaround you can use.

Before we give you show you this useful trick, we’d like to remind you that fines for distracted driving in MetroVan are at an all-time high, so proceed with caution.

Okay, so to make Siri play nice with the crippled version of Google Maps available in iOS, you need to make sure the app is able to access the microphone. So go ahead and open up your Settings app, and then scroll down and tap Privacy, followed by Microphone. Then make sure the toggle next to Google Maps is in the On position (that is to say, green.)

(You should also keep in mind that if you’re using Siri Eyes Free or Car Play, this trick won’t work. The car version of Siri doesn’t let you open apps using voice commands.)

Now that everything is set up, you can go ahead and hold down the home button to trigger Siri. Then say “Open Google Maps” and then hit the microphone in the top left corner to trigger Google Maps’ voice commands. Then recite the address you want directions to. From there, Google Maps can take the reins and start giving you driving directions.

You should also keep in mind that the types of queries Google Maps can understand aren’t all that complex. It can help you find restaurants nearby, but asking it for directions to the Newton Busloop via transit is probably going to throw it¬†through a loop.

For now, this is as close as Siri lets you get to full support for mapping apps. Fingers crossed that she gains that magical ability in the near future.

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