Friday app roundup:

Welcome to the weekend dear readers. Fortunately, the weather seems to have cleared up and with any luck the rain will stay away for the rest of this weekend too. If you’re planning to spend your time (outside or inside) glued to your smartphone then you might as well try one of the new apps we’re recommending this week.

Our recommendations this week include: an app to teach you how to write cursively; an app to help you discover the job that’s right for you; an app that can help you keep on top of the tasks you need to complete and an app to help you get a better handle on your finances.

App: Cursive Writing App – abCursive 4 cursive writing app


What is it? This app is designed to help restore the long lost are of handwriting.  It can teach students of any age how to write cursively. Each letter of the alphabet has two forms, upper and lowercase form. Once you’ve gotten the basics down, it’s up to you to use the app to practice your skills.

Best review quote: Practice the lost art of cursive writing with this educational app. Anyone looking to take their first step into cursive writing.

Each letter of the alphabet can be practiced separately in lowercase form. The app indicates where to start each letter and how they connect via animations. Once you’ve gotten the hang of things, you can work on sample sentences or create your own words to practice. – AppAdvice

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad.

App: Indeedindeed universal app

OS: iOS, Android

What is it? This app is a Millenial favourite for finding a new job or career. It is primarily focused on the reverse employment program, whereby, job applicants post resumes for companies to peruse. The company then contacts the potential employees that their interested in. It is a valuable tool whether you’re actively seeking another position or if you just need better records of your employment in order to request a raise or higher position.

Best review quote: There are hundreds of different job search sites that you can post a resume to, but Indeed delivers a straightforward experience whether you are on a phone or computer.

Using Indeed you can upload your profile information, which is how prospective employers will find you. Once you’ve done that we suggest starting to look for the position that is right for you from the thousands of openings listed on Indeed. Since it automatically pulls from career boards, newspaper listings, and company career pages, you can even set up email alerts to notify you when a sweet new opening becomes available. – Android Central

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad or for your Android.

App: Time ManagerTime manager iOS app


What is it? Time management is one of the most important skills necessary to most jobs. You need to maximize your work hours to get the most out of them that you can without resorting to requesting overtime. It helps you keep track of your daily activities, events, meetings and the like. It is a straight forward way to keep track of uncompleted tasks to keep you on task.

Best review quote: Time Manager is an easy way to keep track of your daily activities. With one touch you can access all your common tasks and edit them at any time. All your tasks will be totaled and broken down into reports and graphs for you to see how well you’re spending your time. – DigitalTrends

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad.

App: Clarity MoneyClarity Money iOS app


What is it? This is an excellent app designed to help you figure out where your money is going. It gives you a slick home feed that can keep track of charts. It will also serve up a charming daily quote about finances and the local weather. It makes it easier than ever to figure out what you can afford to spend.

Best review quote:Clarity neatly organizes itself into four tabs: a home feed, an accounts page, a search tool, and your profile. The home feed is a marvel of charts, illustrations, and spending trackers, and each one is designed with genuine flair. (The top of the feed offers a charming daily quote about finances along with the local weather.) From the moment you open the app, you’ll see your current cash on hand and credit debt. As you scroll down, you’ll see your recent transactions and the amount of cash you have left to spend this month. – The Verge

Get it now: for your iPhone/iPad.

Sources: AppAdviceAndroid CentralDigitalTrendsThe Verge

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