Friday app roundup: personalized fitness and mood diaries

Freshen up your phone for the weekend, add some fresh new apps. After all, why not try something new. You can only spend so much time posting useless status updates that no one will read to Facebook.

This week’s app roundup includes: an app to help you design your fitness regime; a social video watching app; the perfect app for serious hikers; and an app to help you track your moods.

App: Intervalsinterval iOS app


What is it? Working out a fitness routine that is right for you and your schedule can be tricky. Intervals makes the process of creating personalized fitness routines much easier. You can choose everything from your exercises to your warmup routines and even which music is used. It can help you find the workout routine that is right for you and your needs.

Best review quote:  Tap to create a custom workout and give it a title. Then define the number of sets in your workout, add as many exercises as you like, and define your warmup and cool down periods. Exercises can include custom durations, colors, and specific music. – AppAdvice

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App: CabanaCabana universal app

OS: Android

What is it? This Tumblr-made app is just the thing to bring you and your friends together over dumb YouTube videos. It’s designed for you to video call your friends so you can watch the same silly cat video at the same time. It’s a uniquely different way to be social without ever leaving your room.

Best review quote: Ever wanted to hang out with friends and watch some silly YouTube videos without actually having to hang out with friends watching silly YouTube videos? Well, you’re in luck, as Yahoo-owned Tumblr has just released Cabana for Android. First launched on iOS in April, the app allows you to video call your mates and watch the same videos together at the same time. – AndroidPolice

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App: Natural Atlasnatural atlas iOS app


What is it? This app gives you everything you need to plan and take a hike. It offers trail maps on and offline. It can help you find various campground amenities like boat launches and hot springs. It is the perfect replacement for an outdoor guide, providing you stay mostly within cell service.

Best review quote: Natural Atlas provides you with all of the information you need for any outdoors adventure. It offers a topographical map, provides hints for great hikes, and has a database of thousands of campgrounds and national and state parks. You can also access essential guidebooks to purchase for even more information. – AppAdvice

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App: Mood Diarymood diary iOS app


What is it? Understanding your moods can be an excellent tool in helping you maintain your mental health. By filling out a basic mood diary daily, you can get a better sense of yourself and your feelings. It is such a small and insignificant way to attempt to improve your mental health.

Best review quote: Are you happy? Mood Diary empowers you to track your mood over time.- BGR

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