Friday app roundup: UV rays and storm tracking


Friday is finally here which means it’seems time to shake up your home screen by trying out some new apps. This week’s recommendations include: a weather app that can track storms, an innovative new puzzler app; an app that can give you more info about harmful UV rays; and a weird and novel platformer starring a simple rectangle.

App: Storm Radar with NOAA WeatherStorm-Radar-with-NOAA-Weather

OS: Android

What is it? Get a more comprehensable weather forecast, from a reliable source. It can also help you track major storms in your area. It gives you more detailed weather info than your average default weather app.

Best review quote: Weather like you’ve never seen before with the Storm Radar app for Android! Full screen interactive map with 8 hours of high-definition past to future radar, advanced storm cell tracking, and real-time severe weather alerts allow you to visualize weather heading your way. – AndroidandMe

Get it now: for your Android.

App: Neon Polyscreen696x696


What is it? Neon Poly is the hottest new puzzle game in the App Store. Your goal in the game is to create then clear that full lines of squares, hexagons or triangles. You clear the board by dragging and dropping the pieces on the board.

Best review quote: Neon Poly is an easy-to-play yet fun-to-master brain-boosting puzzle game. Nine different board configurations provide hours of puzzling fun for all ages and skill levels.

Create and then clear full lines of squares, hexagons, or triangles by rotating and then dragging and dropping pieces onto the board. Earn bonus points by clearing multiple lines in a single move. Earn XP for each line that is cleared and spend the XP on Power Ups to perform special moves! – BGR

Get it now: for your iPhone. 

App: UV Lensuvlens-350x208

OS: Android

What is it? This is health app very one should have this summer. It not only warns you of the UV strength every day, but it can also tell you when the UV rays are the highest. It also reminds you to reapply your sunscreen. It can also figure out how long until you burn.

Best review quote: Exposure to sunlight’s UV rays is one of the biggest things to worry about in the summer. UVLens is an app that can help you avoid UV rays by telling you what times of day they’re the worst. It also can tell you how long it will take to get burnt and remind you to reapply sunscreen. – Phandroid

Get it now: for your Android.

App: Thomas Was Alonethomaswasalone-9-600x450


What is it? This is the most innovative, complex platformer based on the life of a rectangle named Thomas. It uses its writing to create a unique world without showing it to you, but rather by explaining it to you in an interesting and engaging way.

Best review quote: Players control a group of squares thrust into a labyrinth – starting with Thomas, who meets other rectangles like John, Laura, and Claire, all with their own sizes, and properties that can help each other. That’s where the challenge and cleverness of play comes in: the platforming is familiar, but having to switch between several characters, using their different properties to get to the goals, can be a mental workout. It requires knowing the characters, and knowing when to move them out of the way, or have one on top of another, or whatever is necessary to get them all to their own goals in each of the 100 levels. And the game keeps throwing in new wrinkles all throughout the process. It’s fantastic. – 148Apps

Get it now: for your iPhone.

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