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How to add or remove linked accounts from Google Home

Google Home allow you to add multiple users to the same account, so I can be used by couples or families. Fortunately, adding or removing users from your Google Home is easy enough.2017-06-29-15-56-16--1491702731

So first things first, open the Google Home app on your phone and then tap the menu button. Next tap devices, then tap the menu button on the Google Home device the account is linked to. Then tap Settings and then tap link yiurvAccount. Next, tap continue, you can teach Google Home to recognize your voice by following the available onscreen prompts. Then finally tap continue.

Conversely, to remove a linked account, open Google Home on your phone. Then tap the menu on the Google Home that you are linking an account to. Then tap Devices, tap the menu and then tap Settings. Then tap Linked Accounts. Then tap the X next to the account you want to remove and then tap Unlink.

Sources: AndroidCentral

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How to use an Apple Watch to find your iPhone

Smartphones are fickle friends, easily lost under a couch. Instead of calling your iPhone and praying it still has the juice and a loud enough ringtone, you can use your Apple Watch to find it. You don’t even need to use Find My iPhone or iCloud.com.Apple Watch find iPhone

So in order for this to work, you obviously need to have an Apple Watch that you’ve paired your iPhone.

First off, press the Digital Crown button to return to the watch face of your Apple Watch. Then swipe your finger up from the bottom of your watch face. Doing so should then show your iPhone marked as Connected in green text. Then simply tap the Find iPhone button in the bottom left corner.

This should cause your iPhone to ring out with a soft submarine-style ping noise. Just keep tapping that button until you can hear and locate your missing iPhone, from wherever it’s been hiding.

If that soft ping isn’t enough to help you track down your iPhone, there is a second option. If you instead tap and hold the Find iPhone button on your Apple Watch, it will cause your iPhone to flash an LED light in addition to chiming.

Source: iMore

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How to send Invisible Ink iMessages

iMessages’ Invisible Ink feature allows you to send obscured messages to and from iPhones and iPads. The messages when they are first seen are visibly occluded. To reveal the message, you need to swipe a finger on the blurred message to reveal it. You can send invisible text, photo or video messages.Invisible Ink iMessage

Invisible Ink is a fun way to share secrets or other personal info through iMessage. Keep in mind both users must be using iMessage.

To send an Invisible Ink iMessage you have to open the app and start a conversation, where you want to use the feature. Type the message you want to send, then rap the blue up arrow, to access iMessage Effects. On the effects screen choose Invisible Ink from the available options. Then tap the button marked Send with Invisible Ink.

When you receive an Invisible Ink message it will appear to be blurred by sparkly pixels until you swipe it to reveal the hidden message. The message will stay uncovered for a time before reverting back to being obscured.

Sources: OSXDaily


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How mix Google Hangouts with iMessages on your Mac

It may seem unlikely, but it in fact possible to croissants the streams, cross the platforms, as it were. Apple and Google can actually make nice. You really can mix iMessafes and Google Hangouts, so you don’t miss messages.Google Hangouts in iMessage on Mac

First things first, you need to open your Messages app on your Mac. Then you need to open up the menu and choose Add Account. Then select Google from the options given. Sign in with your Gmail address and then choose Google Hangouts to the Messages app on your Mac.

It really is as simple as that. You’ll now be able message your Google Hangouts contacts right in your Mac Messages app.

Do keep in mind that for safety’s sake, you shouldn’t skip setting up two-factor authentication. This means that you’ll need generate an app password for setting up with Messages on the Mac.

This isn’t even the only alternative messaging app that you can add to Messages on Mac. You can add SMS texting, AOL, AIM, Jabber-based chat protocols, as well as, other messaging options. Back in the day Facebook Messenger and your good ole  pal, Yahoo were supported as well.

Sources: OSXDaily

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